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Hi I am Dr. Ana
I am a doctor a dermatologist
a mother a unique lady a positive woman who walks every day looking into the future.

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Watch the Episodes

Enjoy our twice a month sessions about general topics that are very important for your skin and health, for you and your family


Wearing Masks and Side effects

Educational talk about Covid 19 prevention measurements, possible side effects: Maskacne & Maskitis
How to recognize, prevent and treat.


Sun Screen and the Summer

Dr.Ana’s talk about  Sun protection, summer is here and I think it is a good time to educate a little bit about the use of sunscreens.


Sun Screen Products that i Recommend

Answering few questions and recomendations

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Online Consultation

With Dr.Ana, you can book for Online Consultation with the link below:

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Sandiane Centre Special Offers

Offers are available through online booking, Please follow the links below to know more about each treatment and contact the centre for any questions

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